• Survey background
    Developing a statistical indicator that measures cross-media usage in a convergence multi media environment based on various type of device, platform, content packaging.
  • Survey purpose
    The purpose of Korean media penal survey is to continuously build a panel data set follows media environment and behavior of the households and individuals.
    To provide baseline data for further media studies and policies by building a measurement methodology for new broadcasting communication environment and a panel data set.
    To trace influences of media environment changes on media use patterns of the households and individuals, and provide comparison analysis among different social classes and regional groups.
  • Legal basis
    The National Statistical Office(NSO): Government's official statistics no. 405001
  • Research history
    2010.Oct: 1st year, conducted a research targeting 3,085 households including 6,750 individuals
    2011.Jun : 2nd year, conducted a research targeting 5,109 households including 12,000 individuals
    2012.Jun : 3rd year, conducted a research targeting 4,432 households including 10,319 individuals
    2013.Jun : 4th year, conducted a research targeting 4,381 households and 10,464 individuals
    2014.Jun : 5th year, conducted a research targeting 4,313 households and 10,172 individuals
    2015.Jun : 6th year, conducted a research targeting 4,305 households and 9,873 individuals
    2016.Jun : 7th year, conducted a research targeting 4,233 households and 9,788 individuals
  • Research methodology and samples
    Methodology: household visits, interviews and self reported written media diary. Survey area: 17 cities and provinces
    Sample size: approx. 5,000 households and members of the household(aged 6 and over)
    ※ Approx. 3,000 households and members of the households from 6 metropolitan cities including Seoul were investigated in the first year, Sejong-si was included in the 4th year
  • Survey cycle and period
    Periodicity: annually/conducted in Jun~Jul, approx. 10 weeks
  • Survey Questionnaires
    Media device ownership
    Media device connectivity
    Media diary
    media use patterns
    Life values and style(2012,2016)
    Broadcasting communication service subscription and expenditure
    Life satisfaction(2013)
    Health Related Behaviors (2014)
    Needs for cognition and Self esteem (2015)